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Reduce operating costs to increase purchase prices

Nansei Steel Co., Ltd. has been committed to reducing operating costs in order to obtain customer satisfaction with the purchase price.Through its own strong transport team, it transports the purchased goods to various processing plants, and through the large ships (20,000-ton class) to export goods, thus greatly reducing the transport costs.

Export of steel raw materials

The raw materials of Nansei Steel Co., Ltd. are mainly exported. Through its own stable inventory advantages, it maintains continuous and stable transactions with strong overseas customers, so as to purchase high-quality steel-making raw materials in Japan at high prices.

Business efficiency measures

We will strictly monitor the whole process from purchasing waste to processing and selling, so as to reduce unnecessary waste.
In addition, in order to improve the export efficiency, we have achieved the measures of fine differentiation and high density of steel materials through 365 days, 24 hours and all year round, and the large-scale automatic scrap steel cutting machine. In addition, we also constantly reflect on ourselves and improve the work system.

One-stop high quality stable supply

The implementation of iron and steel raw material recycling, processing, export and other one-stop services.
We have been able to provide high quality and stable steel raw materials to all parts of the world on a regular basis from Japan.