CEO   Guoli Liu

Learn from each other, help each other, mutual tolerance, have a loving family, Nansei steel limited company.

We take the protection of beautiful natural resources as the premise, toward the sustainable development of metal recycling as the goal, to contribute to the whole society.

Message one

To become a leader in environmental protection metal recycling industry.

The alternation of old and new metal products in the process of use is an inevitable phenomenon. Due to the corrosion, damage and natural elimination of metal products, a large amount of scrap metal is produced every year in the world.

These waste metals, if left carelessly, will pollute the natural environment and waste precious metal resources.

According to statistics, recycling a waste aluminum can save 20% of the money than making a new can, and can save 90% ~ 97% of metal energy resources.

In addition, recycling 1 ton of scrap iron, you can create 0.9 tons of good steel, compared with ore smelting, can save 47% of the cost, not only cost control at the same time, but also can reduce air pollution, water pollution, solid waste pollution and many other environmental problems.

Under the background of the depletion of mineral resources, the status of scrap metal as a renewable resource is getting higher and higher.

As one of the few metal recycling enterprises in China, Nansei steel limited company has the responsibility and obligation to protect the earth’s metal resources and sustainable development of society, and all staff are making continuous efforts to this end.

Message two

The growth of Nansei steel limited company is inseparable from the efforts of every employee.

We have people from all over the world, and through different cultures, different ways of thinking, new ideas and new ideas that they bring, we coordinate and respect each other, learn from each other.

The company’s employees through work to achieve their value in life, through their own efforts, not only improve